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Book Review: How to Learn Any Language

Posted by ILuvEire on January 21, 2009

Rating: 8/10

 Quickly, Easily, Inexpensively, Enjoyably and on Your Own by Barry Farber

How To Learn Any Language: Quickly, Easily, Inexpensively, Enjoyably and on Your Own by Barry Farber

This book is separated into two sections. The first gives the authors history as polyglot, and his expirience with various languages. The second part gives the methods he has created, and methods used by other people to attain fluency in the target language.

I thought that the tips were great. Absolutely wonderful. I’ve used every single one of them at one point or another. My only issue with his ideas, were that they weren’t his own. He presented techniques that other people use all in one book. If I wanted to learn about other people’s techniques, then I would have read other people’s books.

The other thing, is that at some points the writing gets somewhat dry. At most points I keep up with it pretty well, but periodically you become bored. He goes way too long with the Latin storyline, I feel that it starts to become a rant about Latin and about the percieved uselessness of learning an extinct language.

Also, another issue with the book is price. The book costs 12USD (10USD on Amazon) and is very, very short. It’s 184 pages, a very diminutive language book.

Price: 12.ooUSD

PPP: 0.06USD

Rating: 8/10

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5 Responses to “Book Review: How to Learn Any Language”

  1. Diogenes said

    I’ve read this book, and tried some of the techniques, and while I find the premise basically sound, it is rather superficial. Farber doesn’t go into detail on how to continue working with a language after the preliminary stages of reading literature and making flashcards. I think that using this method one could build a solid foundation in a language, but to take it to the next level would necessitate more than Farber indicated. On the other hand, I found the book very inspiring, in case I was getting discouraged by my linguistical pursuits – enthusiasm is contagious.

  2. sjheiss said

    Sounds like I’ll be perfectly fine if I don’t read it. 😛

    And it’s good to see there’s at least one other person viewing this blog. 😀

  3. Meera Khan said

    I read the book also. I liked it but I thought some parts were borinbg and the author bragged to much 😛

  4. Neqitan said

    Good to know the author bragged a lot. That’s not good for keeping your readers’ attention.

    😆 The word’s spelling is man.

  5. Neqitan said

    Urghh… This XHTML ruined my last post.

    ‘:lol: The word’s spelling is “perceived” man.’

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