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Updated Wish List

Posted by ILuvEire on February 25, 2009

Oh…wow. Things have changed! If you’re curious, this, is my old language list, as of 11/32/08. Now here’s a draft of my new language list:

Japanese: This is my main focus for now. I’ve been working at it for a couple of weeks, and I plan to keep it up! When I make it to a upper intermediate level I’ll start on onr of these other languages. I’m predicting that to be in a few months.

After Japanese I plan to learn more languages from (South)East Asia. The languages on the top of my list are Mandarin and Vietnamese. Other languages I am looking into in this region are Thai and Hmong.

Besides languages from this area, I plan to continue with my Cherokee, and Italian. I want to get to be conversational in Cherokee and fluent in Italian. Also I learned Norwegian for a month…but I think I want to switch to Swedish when I pick it up again. I’ve gotten myself interested in Finnish and Finland for a while, and it seems stupid to learn Norwegian and Finnish, plus I much prefer the Swedish of Finland to the Swedish of Sweden. 🙂

Then we have Albanian and Georgian. I learned the basics of both these languages and REALLY want to get back to them. I don’t know when I will, but I will definitely get back to them. They are both beautiful and I love them.

The last portion of my language learning list includes smaller languages. I want to learn Swahili, Zulu, and Hawaiian. I have a huge interest in all of these languages, and someday I wish to learn them. This will make up the bottom of my list, and is subject the change (which I’m sure there will be some).

All-in-all my list goes like this:

1 Japanese
2 Mandarin
3 Vietnamese
4 Thai
5 Cherokee
6 Italian
7 Swedish
9 Albanian
10 Georgian

The parentheses’d ones are on my “maybe/maybe not” list, for whatever reason.

There ya’ go. Comment away!


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