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Heritage Languages

Posted by ILuvEire on March 13, 2009

As an American, I have roots from all over the world. I’m sure you do too (maybe not if you aren’t an American.) But have you ever thought of learning the language of your “people”?

Now I’m going to go on about myself, so if you don’t care then you can leave. It’s okay, I won’t say anything.

My biggest origins are Italian, German and Lakota. Much of my mom’s family is Italian(WHO REFUSED TO PASS DOWN THE LANGUAGE), but my greatgrandpa was Lakota (AND HE REFUSED TO TEACH ANY OF HIS KIDS THE LANGUAGE). Then my Dad is second generation immigrant, and…you guessed it HIS GRANDPARENTS DIDN’T PASS DOWN GERMAN OR YIDDISH. Of course, there’s also the Japanese grandpa on my mom’s side who didn’t want to pass down Japanese to his daughter. Thanks, by the way.

That’s right my whole family is filled with immigrants and NONE of them passed down the languages. They never even told me about being able to speak any of these languages! I just recently found out about my grandpa’s speaking Lakota (after his death no less).

So my life plan is to learn to speak all of these languages. I’ve studied every one of these languages to some extent (although I’m doing Cherokee right now, but Lakota will have its time).

What about you? Have you ever thought of doing something like this?


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Language Awards!

Posted by ILuvEire on March 12, 2009

Thanks Diogenes!

Okay, so since I believe in Internet plagiarism, I’m stealing Diogenes’ idea (click the link above and check her post out. I’ll wait…)

Best Pronunciation: Arabic, baby!
Most interesting script, non-Latin: Hebrew
Most interesting use of the Latin script: Vietnamese
Script best suited to the language: Hebrew/Arabic (even tie).
Script worst suited to the language: Japanese’s kanji
Prettiest non-Latin script: Georgian
Prettiest use of the Latin script: Finnish

Most interesting phonology: Klingon
Least interesting phonology: Hawaiian
Most interesting use of loans: Vietnamese
Least interesting use of loans: English

Happiest language: Toki Pona
Angriest language: Russian
Hardest language: Georgian
Easiest language: Somish

Coolest IAL: Volapük
Dumbest IAL: Interlingua
Coolest conlang: Láadan
Dumbest conlang: I can’t award this one! Even the most boring Romlang takes work on the part of the creator.
Coolest conscript: Blissymbol
Dumbest conscript: Tengwar (it sukz!)

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Posted by ILuvEire on January 18, 2009

Okie dokie. Sorry ’bout all of the leaving. Someone hacked my blog. Why? Who knows? Who cares?

Anyway, so what’s in the future:
1. I’m going to do more Volapük lessons. The Vietnamese lessons are on hold for a few months.
2. I’m going to get more into my language learning techniques.
3. Perhaps language spotlight articles?

Those are my plans. They may change, but probably not. 🙂 If you have questions, you can e-mail me.

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Languages to be…

Posted by ILuvEire on November 23, 2008

Ciao a tutti!

I have been thinking about languages and which ones I want to learn, and I have compiled a 10 step list.

1 Vietnamese tiéng Việt
2 Hebrew* עברית
3 Icelandic íslenska
4 Portuguese* Português
5 Welsh Cymraeg
6 Cherokee* Tsa-la-gi
7 Italian l’Italiano
8 Greek* Ελληνικα
9 Norwegian Norsk (Bokmål)
10 Japanese 日本語

* Hebrew, Cherokee, and Portuguese are my “sub-foci.” You’ll find that I divide all my language choices into sub-foci and main-foci. The main-foci languages I have already set up books and notes and CDs etc. The sub-foci are ones I’m very interested in, and I will study, but most likely not to the extent of the other languages.

I have purchased at least on course for each one of these languages, and have started my progression through the list at Vietnamese.

I have also purchased a course for Mandarin Chinese, but I’m not totally sure that I want to use. Plus, I like having a nice round number like 10. 11 is so…odd!

I structured the list so that I can study two languages at a time and they will be still from different families (or in the case of IE different branches. :þ) I’m somewhat ADD so I can’t just study one language at a time. Besides who would want to do that anyway?!

Later on down the line, I am interested in many more languages. The top of this list would probably be Cantonese, followed by Korean. Is it clear to you yet that I love Asia? I’m not sure what is so appealing about it…I think it is because I can identify with Confucius’ teachings as well as Buddha. Plus I love the morphology (and phonology!) of all the languages. Tones are beutiful. Also I’m interested in Thai, I’m devinitly going to study it to “go with” Vietnamese.

Does anyone else do this? I package languages (because I for some reason feel that I need to justify my want to learn them or something…) For this very reason, I’m interested in Turkish (to go with Greek), and Arabic (to go with Hebrew).

I’m also very interested in the languages of North America. I’m learning Cherokee now (it’s spoken by the largest number of people near me). Beyond that, I’m interested in Navajo – it’s got the largest amount of speakers of any native American language. Nahuatl interests me, because I am so interested in the Aztec culture. I like Lakota for it’s awesome grammar. The phonology is quite nice too, but the grammar is so alien to me.

So, that’s a brief look into my future languages.

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