Meanderings of an Amateur Linguist

Just me and my languages – a dangerous combonation

Who am I?

Anyway, I guess I should introduce myself. My name’s ILuvEire, or just ILE. I’m a huge language geek. So, while I’m learning these languages, I’d like somewhere to chronicle it. I’m going to be posting grammar stuff for these languages, set up like lessons. It helps to repeat what I learn. I doubt anyone will actually follow these, but oh well. That’s what I’ll do.

Have you been to Omniglot’s blog? That’s the type of thing I’d like to do here. Omniglot is my hero, seriously. I plan to base this blog’s structure off of his. For example, I’d like to have a “My Languages” tab and an “About Me” tab, someday.

Omniglot is the site that introduced me to the idea of “linguistics.” I discovered it one day while searching for resources on Vietnamese (here it is three years later, and I’ve only begun studying it!). I joined the forum and that just sent me off. 🙂

Outside of languages I love music. Many forms of music. Some of my favorites include the Killers, Amy Winehouse, Blue October, or Pink. I’m also a big reader (although I don’t have too much time to chill out with a book anymore). Some of my favorite authors are Terry Pratchet, Douglas Adams, Alexandre Dumas, Gregory Maguire and Jim Butcher.

There’s really not much else to tell about me…I hope to study as a linguistics major, or as an American Sign Language interpreter. Thanks for reading!

Contacting Me

I’m not going to give out my email address, but I will give two places I frequent. I’m on Unilang and Omniglot. Those two links will lead you to my profiles on those two sites. You can PM me and ask for my Email (or just leave me a scrap on Unilang). Make sure to mention you are from my blog!


2 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. Jumana said

    Hey ILuvEire!
    It’s jaybee =)
    Loving your blog so far.. I subscribed and am looking forward to more.
    And Omniglot’s blog is amazing!

    I’m not sure if I’m writing this comment in the right place.. so sorry if I didn’t.


  2. Hello ! Interesting blog. I found it at I am actually more of a classical musician that linguist, though I have been very interested in languages and linguistics for many years. I am well versed in German, italian, french, Russian etc, if not really fluent, and I can read or understand many languages of Europe to some extent.
    A also know some Turkish, and other Turkic languages such as Uzbek, Kazan Tatar and Kazakh, etc, which are very similar. Azerbaijani in Turkey is considered something of a joke, sort of a substandard dialect.
    I am also fascinated by the Caucasian languages, which are rather weird, to say the least and Finno-Ugrian languages,too.
    Turkish grammar is very regular and the vowel harmony intriguing. It’s a law of euphony, not pitch, and I hear thatif you don’t use it correctly ,it’s not only grammatically incorrect, but unpleasant sounding to Turks !
    But the sentence structure is so different from English and the way agglutination enables the language to pack the meanings of several words or sometimes a whole sentence into a single word is strange. It shows certain similarities to Japanese, to which it might even be distantly related. This is not impossible, as people from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan could easily pass for Japanese even though they speak languages very similar to Turkish.
    I also have a blog on classical music at,which has blogs and forums on a wide variety of topics, including linguistics.
    It’s called simply”the horn”, as I used to play that instrument (the French horn) professionally.
    I cover all aspects of classical music there; composers, music history, opera, symphonic music, chamber music, elementary music theory, current events in classical music and much,much more. I hope you’ll find it interesting. You can easily access my blog from the front page by clicking on “recent blog posts” on the upper right of the home page. You can also access it directly from links at the following blogs-,, or
    Best regards, Robert Berger.

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